4th CoP Sharing Session (Life-wide Learning)

Domain: Life-wide Learning

Topic: 「《 小小社企創業達人 》大學夥伴協作 o 跨校跨科跨界別 o 小學生培訓計劃 2022-23」發佈會

Date: 17th Dec 2022 (Sat)

Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Speakers: Dr NG. Cheuk Wing Margaret (Program Leader, Senior Lecturer at EdUHK) ; Principals and teachers of partnership schools (Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School, Baptist Sha Tin Wai Lui Ming Choi Primary School, Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School) ; EdUHK pre-service teacher

Meeting ID: 930 0639 1483

Zoom link:  https://eduhk.zoom.us/j/93006391483


PPT for reference:

「《 小小社企創業達人》大學夥伴協作 o 跨校跨科跨界別 o 小學生培訓計劃 2022-23」發佈會(吳卓穎博士等


Mr Taylor WONG ( 2948 6576  ; thtwong@eduhk.hk  )

Ms Pin YAU ( 2948 8065  ; ypyau@eduhk.hk  )